Homecoming Capital


We act on behalf of our climate, investing in the businesses, leaders, and real assets that will transition our society to a low-emissions future.

Homecoming Capital invests in our home planet. Our mission is to accelerate humanity’s transition to a sustainable future by investing across the capital structure to rewire the economy with low-carbon solutions.

We work with optimists at the intersection of innovation and deployment. It doesn’t matter if you’re an upstart pursuing commercialization, an industry leader seeking a decarbonized balance sheet, or a project developer deploying real assets. What matters is that we share an urgent vision to rebalance our climate.

We are thoughtful, long-term partners to ambitious teams across major sustainability pathways.
Homecoming invests behind transitions in the highest emitting industries.
Our investments answer four guiding questions.
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Is this a sustainable solution?
We invest alongside businesses and real asset platforms that decarbonize the economy as they grow.
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Can it scale to transform a large industry?
We focus on solutions that drive systems-level change through favorable unit economics and durable competitive moats.
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Does our capital make the difference?
We provide capital to companies and platforms that require a partner with committed capital who can act with speed, flexibility, and creativity.
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Will our partnership last?
We form relationships based on trust and alignment, unencumbered by traditional fund investment horizons.
Homecoming works with companies to design bespoke solutions that enable their growth and success.
Our team has made climate their purpose.

Cody dedicated his career to our climate after nearly a decade of traditional finance experience. He started investing at Blackstone’s Private Equity Group in New York and London, after which he joined an international power developer based in South Africa. He then combined his experiences in institutional investing and entrepreneurial building to form Homecoming. Helping correct the decades-old assumptions about society’s role in our changing climate gives Cody drive and purpose.

Blackstone PE, Black Rhino

Pat’s climate journey started after years of leading and executing transactions at Golub Capital out of their New York and Chicago offices. While at Golub, he learned how private capital can be structured as a tool to accelerate the growth of scaling platforms. His prior focus investing in software and technology businesses is now being applied for the good of our climate. New and exciting faces are joining the climate movement daily, which leaves Pat excited to collaborate with others around a shared mission.

Wells Fargo, Golub Capital
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